Textiles Castalla may be a relatively young company but despite this we are a professional and knowledgable company.  We know our market and strive to satisfy our customers needs. Our young staff not only bring enthusiasm but also plenty of experience in the field of textile recovery and recycling.


Our work consists of the classification, folding and then packaging of used clothes, shoes, home textiles and toys. In our sorting procedure we first discard any unsuitable items, for example water damaged, next the clothing and shoes are sorted again into different categories ready for packing.


Our used clothing and textiles are collected from within Europe. Once we have sorted and packaged our goods we then export wholesale to various countries in Africa, to Pakistan and other european countries.


We can load containers ready for export of 20´ or 40´, which ever our clients prefer.


We hope that our work enables people with limited resources to still be able to have acess to good quality yet economically priced clothing and shoes.  We only supply good quality items, in as near perfect condition as possible, that can be worn or used for a long time to come.


We welcome the opportunity to answer any questions that interested clients might have.  We can be contacted by email, telephone or by fax.  If a client should wish to visit us personally we would be happy to offer a tour around our premises.